motion kids.

MOTION KIDS meet in our Kids rooms every Sunday morning for high-energy dramas, DVD clips, and practical, age-appropriate, interactive Bible lessons designed to help them establish Biblical foundations for their lives. Registration begins 30 mins prior to the start of the service!

DREAMERS is for ages 0-2 and provides nursery care (diaper changes not included!)

HEROES is for ages 3-5

LEGENDS is for grades 1-4

We also offer an in-service activity for our JR YOUTH grades 5-7!

KIDCHECK sign-in and sign-out is utilized to ensure the safety and security of our children’s ministry.

Playing with Toys


Our Nursery Ministry allows parents to drop off their babies and toddlers in a fun and safe place, so that they can participate in the service child-free. Our Nursery is filled with age-appropriate toys, books, snacks and is overseen by volunteers who love small children! All of our Nursery and Motion Kids volunteers have gone through RCMP background checks so that parents can have peace of mind.

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